About Abby

Abby was born and raised in good old Prairie Village, Kansas. At the age of two years old, she sat next to her mom on the piano bench for hours completely fixated on the magic that was a community production of "Annie.” By the age of six, she was ready to show anyone who would listen her rousing rendition of "The Wizard and I.” Abby’s passion for performing brought her to Allegro Choirs of Kansas City and Music Theatre Kansas City. These phenomenal programs gave her many opportunities to grow and develop her skills during her adolescence. She then sought out new opportunities to learn and share her love for musical theater at the University of Oklahoma where she trained and studied to earn a BFA in Musical Theater in May of 2019. 


Abby is an avid traveler, and she has been lucky enough to perform in Italy, Norway, France, Switzerland, and Spain. Other than performing and traveling, Abby enjoys spicy food, snuggling with her cat, Mickey, and dog, Beatrice, struggling through a yoga class, geeking out over Disney World, and having a good laugh. 


From her mom's piano bench, to Norman, Oklahoma, to stages around the world, Abby can’t wait to see where this incredible journey takes her next!



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